Incurably Optimistic!

Personal journal of artist and philosopher Kit Carruthers.

Kit Carruthers
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Kit Carruthers is a 25 year old artist and philosopher from Winnipeg, Canada. He is an enthusiast of transpersonal psychology and metaphysics; he is a futurist and an advocate of social reform.

The teachings of Kit Carruthers will lead you to a state of enlightenment. A state of pure bliss. They will break you down and make you understand that you are an uneducated, uncultured retard who should be sterilized. And then build you back up and make you understand how everything can be so beautiful.

He is the founder of Intelligent Reconstruction, a group of writers, artists and public speakers concerned about the state of our society; The Solanaceae Artist Collective, a group of like minded psychedelic musicians; and Bright Neon Lights, a music review site and a critique of the record industry.

Kit is also a filmmaker and a composer. He plays piano and synthesizer. He has two solo outlets: O Beautiful Death, a psychedelic post-rock / idm project; and Offret, an experimental ambient / post-rock project; both of which are an exercise in bleak.

No rest for the wicked.